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Namaste and It's 5 unique health benefits.



The one word which every Hindu knows irrespective of their education status is ‘Namaste’. Every part of India is different from others but one thing is common that is ‘Namaste’. Namaste is the keyword in Unity in diversity.  The word ‘Namaste’ is originated from Indian’s one of the oldest language “Sanskrit”. Namaste is the traditional way of greeting with the hand gestures, in which the palms are pressed together in front of the chest or followed by the slight head down. This gesture is known as “Anjali Mudra”.

Spiritual meaning: -

Namaste – I respect the divine inside you.
‘Namash’ means – bow with adoration
‘ste’ means – to you

Symbolic Meaning: -

In Sanskrit Anjali Mudra holds the same meaning as Namaste. In Hindi, we pronounced as Pranam. It is used in both greeting and send-off. This symbolic practice helps the participant to connect to the divine of everything. Here divine doesn’t mean the position of an individual in the society it respects all the individual regardless of their social status. While performing this greeting it’s created equal sates of mind which is filled with love, affection, and respect.


Health Benefits

The left and Right hands are representing the leaf and right hemispheres of the brain when we pressed the two hand’s palm it gives a connection between the two hemispheres and represents the unity.

  • It helps in the activation of the central nervous system.
  • It relieves mental stress.
  • The tip of the finger when pressed that send a signal to the memory cells to remember the person to lifetime.
  • Increase your memory.
  • It helps in the flexibility of hands, wrist, and neck.

Role in Yoga/ Asana

Yoga is another gift from Indian. We all know about Yoga what it does and why we are advised to so. If you take any yoga course you may notice that at the end of the very position you do Namaste. Do you wonder why we do so?  It’s because it helps you in the relaxation and makes you feel fresh and opens the 7 chakras of our body.


In different dance form

This gesture can be seen in different Indian dance forms such as odissi, Bharatanatyam, kathakalai, all the other local dance form.

Indian culture


Where the world is trying to find out solutions for COVID -19. In Indian culture, already has given a solution around 4500 years back. As we all know COVID-19 virus spread rapidly with physical contact. And all we very much influenced by Handshake which helps in spreading the virus. While Namaste is an untouched greeting, it helps in the prevention of COVID-19 spread and saves you from the danger.


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